Should I Put Nav Inside Header?

What is the difference between NAV and Div?

Div (divide) is “non semantic” as it does not (so much) semantically describe what it is specifically for or does, other than divides areas within the body of the page.

Nav (navigation) does describe itself as being set aside for navigation only so it is considered semantic..

What is a tag on HTML?

HTML tags are the hidden keywords within a web page that define how your web browser must format and display the content. Most tags must have two parts, an opening and a closing part. For example, is the opening tag and is the closing tag.

How do you use Progress tags?

Tip: Use the tag in conjunction with JavaScript to display the progress of a task. Note: The tag is not suitable for representing a gauge (e.g. disk space usage or relevance of a query result). To represent a gauge, use the tag instead.

What is a nav tag?