Quick Answer: What Is Telepresence Kubernetes?

What is a telepresence meeting?

The Telepresence Effect Meeting participants in a Telepresence meeting appear life size and their voices sound as they would if all meeting participants were in the same meeting room.

The result is an interactive video conference with a level of visual and audio clarity that is stunningly real and life like..

Is Kubernetes built on Docker?

Docker is a platform and tool for building, distributing, and running Docker containers. … Kubernetes is a container orchestration system for Docker containers that is more extensive than Docker Swarm and is meant to coordinate clusters of nodes at scale in production in an efficient manner.

Is telepresence the same as video conferencing?

Telepresence has historically been considered a more advanced version of video conferencing that uses superior technology to allow meeting participants to stream high-quality audio and video.

How much does telepresence cost?

The Cisco TelePresence System 500 has a list price of $33,900 USD; the Cisco TelePresence 3200 has a list price of $340,000 USD.

How does collaborative telepresence work?

Collaborative Telepresence Could Render Distance (Relatively) Meaningless. Imagine a group of people in different parts of the world smoothly interacting as if they were physically together, down to being able to feel one another’s touch.

What is Cisco video conferencing?

Cisco Webex. Solutions. Webex Meetings lets you host online meetings with HD video, audio and screen sharing. Webex Teams keeps your teams connected through messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding and calling.

What equipment do I need for video conferencing?

What Equipment Is Needed for Video Conferencing?Displays: laptop, desktop monitor, television screen.Microphones and cameras: built-in microphones and webcams, USB microphones and webcams.Speakers: built-in computer speaker, external speaker, VoIP (voice over IP) conferencing phone.Internet Connection: WiFi, ethernet.More items…•

What is Kubernetes equivalent in AWS?

Both Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) and Kubernetes are fast, highly scalable solutions for container management that allow you to run containerized applications in a cluster of managed servers. … After the Kubernetes 0.1 release in July 2015, Google donated Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Who invented telepresence?

Ralph MosherIn 1958 Ralph Mosher, an engineer working for General Electric, developed a telepresence—called Handiman—that had good dexterity and compensation. It had only two fingers, but those fingers each had three joints so that they could wrap around any object.

What is immersive telepresence?

Immersive telepresence is often known as virtual reality. This technology actually refers to the ability to create, remotely or in person, a more realistic and powerful emotional and physical experience through digital equipment and software.

How do I join a telepresence meeting?

Using a web browser, go to. jabber.uww.edu.Enter your name in the “Display Name” box.Enter the telepresence video. … Click the Next button.Press the Call button to call into the. … Launch the Cisco Jabber client on your. … In the “Search or call” box, enter the. … If prompted, enter the meeting security.

What is Cisco codec?

The Cisco SX80 Codec (SX80 Codec) provides a powerful and flexible platform for creating the ultimate video collaboration experience. … The codec offers a rich input and output set, flexible media engine and support for three screens enable a variety of use cases, adaptable to your specific needs.

What is a Cisco endpoint?

Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Cisco offers a range of endpoints designed to take your Webex Meetings and Teams experience to the next level. … Cisco also provides a host of native Cisco IP phones, conferencing devices and other tools to transform your meeting room environments.

What is Telepresence video conferencing?

Video conferencing involves connecting several people in separate conference rooms or at their desks to allow them to carry out their day-to-day work together. Telepresence involves transmitting your presence to a remote location.

What does telepresence mean?

Telepresence: the ability to directly interact (often via computer mediation) with a physically real, remote environment experienced from the first-person POV; without restrictions on the location or size of the device used to carry out the user’s commands at the remote location.

Is Kubernetes a PaaS?

Kubernetes leverages the simplicity of Platform as a Service (PaaS) when used on the Cloud. It utilises the flexibility of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and enables portability and simplified scaling; empowering infrastructure vendors to provision robust Software as a Service (Saas) business models.

Can Kubernetes run without Docker?

One isn’t an alternative to the other. Quite the contrary; Kubernetes can run without Docker and Docker can function without Kubernetes. But Kubernetes can (and does) benefit greatly from Docker and vice versa. Docker is a standalone software that can be installed on any computer to run containerized applications.

How does telepresence technology work?

Telepresence technology is a set of robotic technology that provides stimuli to a user’s senses that makes them feel as though they are in or having an effect in another place other than their true location. … The information in this sense is transmitted to and from between the user and remote location.

What is Cisco RoomOS?

RoomOS provides insight and analytics into your devices through Cisco Webex Control Hub.