Quick Answer: What Is A Grievous?

What does grievous words mean?


causing grief or great sorrow: grievous news.

full of or expressing grief; sorrowful: a grievous cry..

What is the verb of grievous?

grieve. (transitive) To cause sorrow or distress to. (transitive) To feel very sad about; to mourn; to sorrow for. (intransitive) To experience grief.

What is a shameful behavior?

causing shame: shameful behavior. disgraceful or scandalous: shameful treatment.

What does glaring mean?

adjective. shining with or reflecting a harshly bright or brilliant light. very conspicuous or obvious; flagrant: several glaring errors in spelling. staring in a fiercely or angrily piercing manner. excessively showy or bright; garish.

What is an example of shame?

For example, if you are called out for a mistake in public, or humiliated by someone walking in on you naked. This is typically what many people think of when you mention shame.

What does reprehensible mean?

adjective. deserving of reproof, rebuke, or censure; blameworthy.

What does the word grievances mean?

noun. a wrong considered as grounds for complaint, or something believed to cause distress: Inequitable taxation is the chief grievance. a complaint or resentment, as against an unjust or unfair act: to have a grievance against someone.

What does grievous bodily harm mean?

Section 20 Assault – Unlawful Wounding/Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) Section 20 Assault involves grievous (or really serious) bodily harm or a wound. This offence is committed when a person unlawfully and maliciously, either wounds another person; or inflicts grievous bodily harm upon another person.

What does grievous mean in the Bible?

1 : causing or characterized by severe pain, suffering, or sorrow a grievous wound a grievous loss. 2 : oppressive, onerous grievous costs of war.

How do you use Grievous in a sentence?

No war was ever more grievous to freedom and civilization. This was a grievous blow to William, but his courage did not fail. His lengthy explanations are the more grievous because he insists on the same points in several of his books.

What does Cartage mean?

transporting goodsCartage is the process of transporting goods by land (rail or road). The transportation is relatively for short distances, and the movement is usually within a region or between two closer towns. … In other words, cartage means the actual cost of transporting goods from one place to another.

What is the meaning of egregious?

adjective. extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar. Archaic. distinguished or eminent.

What does the word lamentable mean?

adjective. that is to be lamented; regrettable; unfortunate: a lamentable decision. Rare. mournful.

What means shameful?

1a : bringing shame : disgraceful. b : arousing the feeling of shame. 2 archaic : full of the feeling of shame : ashamed.