Quick Answer: Is Angela Yu Good?

Is Web development a dying career?

Web development is definitely not going to die.

It industry is moving to other areas such as IoT, automotive, wearables, etc.

Maybe it seems like IT industry is moving from web development to other industries, but actually IT industry is just expanding in all areas.

Web Development is not dying..

How legit is udemy?

Udemy is a legitimate company. Courses are designed to help you learn or enhance a particular skill. Every student who completes a course receives a certification of completion, though it cannot be used to receive formal accreditation for continuing education units or coursework.

Which course is best for web development?

Best Web Development Courses to Learn in 2020The Web Developer Bootcamp. … Thinkful Coding Bootcamp. … The Complete Freelancing Bundle. … Modern HTML + CSS for Beginners. … #100DaysofCode Web Developer Bundle. … The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course. … Complete React Developer Course. … Modern JavaScript from the Beginning.More items…

Who is Angela Yu?

It’s the founder of the London App Brewery, Angela Yu. She’s actually going to talk to us about going from — get this — a doctor to a programmer. So instead of saving lives, you’re helping enrich lives through programming, and there’s a lot of other stuff we can learn about as well.

Is Rob Percival good?

The instructor Rob Percival is another gem of instructs and has excellent teaching skills. Like the previous instructor, he is also clear, simple, and easy to understand. I also come to know about him from his iOS Development course, which is also an excellent resource.

How is udemy Web Developer Bootcamp?

Yes, the Web Developer Bootcamp is a good course. Colt is a talented instructor. There is another course that I recommend to take a look. Result-Oriented Web Developer Course | Udemy So far, this is the best web development course on Udemy.

Who is Rob Percival?

Rob Percival is a web-developer and entrepreneur who has taught over 500,000 students how to code through his online courses on Udemy. His courses have been translated into over five different languages and have taught people all around the world to become proficient and confident web-developers.