Question: What Is Another Word For Losing Hope?

What are some examples of hope?

An example of hope is when you wish for a victory by your team.

The definition of hope is a feeling of optimism or a desire that something will happen.

An example of hope is when a person believes his life situation will approve and his run of back luck will end.

To have confidence; trust..

What is opposite of loss?

When something lessens, or gets smaller, that’s also a loss, as in weight loss. Loss has lots of opposites that help define what it means. It is the opposite of win, gain, found, or earn.

What is the difference between faith and hope?

Faith and hope are defined in the dictionary as follows; Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief not based on proof and Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation or desire. Faith says it is so now, and hope says in the future it could happen.

What are the characteristics of hope?

Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation.”

What dies going down on a girl mean?

phrasal verb [V P P, VERB PARTICLE] To go down on someone means to have oral sex with them. [informal, rude]

What is another word for hope?

What is another word for hope?ambitionoptimismanticipationaspirationexpectancyexpectanceencouragementexpectationhopefulnesspositiveness19 more rows

What is another word for going down?

What is another word for going down?fallingdescendinggoing downwardsfalling prostratesliding downtumbling downploppingmoving downrunning downcrumbling78 more rows

What is opposite of lose?

lose(verb) fail to win. “We lost the battle but we won the war” Antonyms: hold on, profit, find, turn a profit, acquire, gain, regain, win, keep, break even.

How do you use the word loss?

When to use loss: Loss is used as a noun to refer to the act of losing.When to use lost: Lost is used as the past tense and past participle of the verb to lose.Lost as an adjective. … Should I use loss or lost? … Answers from Quiz.

What are the two types of hope?

There are two types of hope in my experience. The first is the hope that good fortune comes to us as we wait patiently. The second type is the hope that the storm breaks so our current expedition is not delayed. One is passive and one is active.

What is a good Bible verse for hope?

Psalm 119:81 My soul longs for your salvation; I hope in your word. Psalm 9:18 For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. 2 Corinthians 3:12-14 Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.

How do you spell losses?

Correct spelling for the English word “losses” is [lˈɒsɪz], [lˈɒsɪz], [l_ˈɒ_s_ɪ_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is a synonym for loss?

SYNONYMS. deprivation, disappearance, losing, privation, forfeiture, waste, squandering, dissipation. diminution, erosion, reduction, impoverishment, depletion.

What is the true meaning of hope?

“Hope” is commonly used to mean a wish : its strength is the strength of the person’s desire. But in the Bible hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised and its strength is in His faithfulness.

How do you define loss?

Loss is defined as having something or someone leave or be taken away from you, a feeling of grief when something is gone, or a decline in money. An example of loss is when your parent dies. An example of loss is when you are fired from your job.

What is the purpose of hope?

To have hope is to want an outcome that makes your life better in some way. It not only can help make a tough present situation more bearable but also can eventually improve our lives because envisioning a better future motivates you to take the steps to make it happen.

What does it mean to live in hope?

phrase. If you live in hope that something will happen, you continue to hope that it will happen, although it seems unlikely, and you realize that you are being foolish.

Is it lost or loss when someone dies?

Is it lost or loss? Both words have to do with losing something, but they are different parts of speech. Loss is a noun and refers to the act of losing. Lost is the past tense and past participle of to lose.