Question: What If Britain Joined The Axis?

What if Britain never entered ww2?

In simplistic terms therefore, theoretically Britain could have stayed out of the war, appeased Hitler and it would all have been over in the West by 1940.

Given this, even if Britain had initially stayed out of the war, it’s quite possible that they would have come into the war at later stage to support the USSR..

Did Churchill negotiate with Germany?

“Churchill was at pains to say in his memoirs that he was never going to negotiate with Germany, but it is clear that in 1940 he had not ruled out talking to a non-Hitler German government,” said Professor Reynolds. … This too was played down when Churchill came to writing The Second World War.

What if Britain signed a peace treaty with Germany?

Now, supposedly (hypothetically)if Germany had peace with Britain after the capitulation of France and the Low Countries, then the problem would have been doubled for the Soviets as the Nationalists in China would’ve supported Japan against the Communists and as a whole, the USSR would’ve been encircled by Germany …

What if Sweden joined the Axis?

Joining the Axis would have meant surrendering its independence and eventually becoming a part of Greater Germany. Also the Swedes would never have countenanced NAZI massive killing operations as envisioned in Generalplan Ost.

Did Japan Attack India in ww2?

The Japanese 15th Army, 85,000 strong for the invasion of India, was essentially destroyed, with 53,000 dead and missing. Injuries and illnesses took many of the rest. There were 16,500 British casualties.

Was India an Allies or Axis?

The Indian Army during World War II was one of the largest Allied forces contingents which took part in the North and East African Campaign, Western Desert Campaign. At the height of the second World War, more than 2.5 million Indian troops were fighting Axis forces around the globe.

What if India joined the Axis?

If India would have joined the Axis Powers, the entire Asia would have been won and dominated by Axis. Only parts of Africa and some Middle East countries would have waged pitch battles. The Americans Nuclear bombed Japan in 2 cities. The Americans would have Nuclear bombed India too.

What if Britain allied with Germany in ww2?

There would have been no World War II. The most likely deal would have been for Britain to control the seas and her colonies and Germany to have controlled continental Europe. Russia would have been defeated, and Hitler would have taken the parts that he wanted and installed a puppet government in the rest.

What if the US joined the Axis powers?

One thing for certain – if the US joined the war on the side of the Axis powers, the war would have been won in favor of the Axis, period. The US combined with the Germany war machine and Japanese empire would completely crush any opposition from any country.

What if Britain joined Central Powers?

Britain joining the Central Powers was never going to happen. Especially after the invasion of Belgium. There would have been no war if the UK had joined the central powers. The UKs powerful stance and the naval race and empire were a good part of the multitude of reasons war became a reality…

What would happen if Russia joined the Axis?

If the Soviet Union/USSR joined the Axis in WW2, it would have been a catastrophe. An estimated 3+ million German troops were in the Eastern Front at the start of Operation Barbarossa. … Take the Eastern Front away from the Germans, and the Axis would have one of the strongest land armies ever known.