Is Com Still Used?

Are COM objects still used?

Component Object Model (COM) is a binary-interface standard for software components introduced by Microsoft in 1993.

It is used to enable inter-process communication and dynamic object creation in a large range of programming languages..

What is DCOM used for?

DCOM is a programming construct that allows a computer to run programs over the network on a different computer as if the program was running locally. DCOM is an acronym that stands for Distributed Component Object Model.

What is the difference between COM and DCOM?

COM is set of component tools which are executed client side. DCOM is a Distributed component object model runs at the given server. COM requires installation on the machine from where it is being used. DCOM requires installation somewhere on the same network.

What is a COM class object?

The basic way to create an instance of a class is through a COM class object. This is simply an intermediate object that supports functions common to creating new instances of a given class. … You implement an IClassFactory interface for each class of object that you offer to be instantiated.

How do you use COM objects?

The steps involved are:Initialize the COM library.Create a COM object used to create shortcuts, and get an IShellLink interface.Call the SetPath() method of the IShellLink interface.Call QueryInterface() on the COM object and get an IPersistFile interface.Call the Save() method of the IPersistFile interface.More items…•

What are COM+ applications?

A COM+ application is the primary unit of administration and security for Component Services and consists of a group of COM components that generally perform related functions. … A common configuration scope for COM components, including security boundaries and queuing.