I wasn’t able to find the full conference video but this youtube one offers a good amount from it. Enjoy!

And a few hours back in Venice concluded the premiere for Black Mass. Absolutely handsome Johnny! Over 100 HQ photos were added to the gallery. Check them out!

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Public Appearances > 2015 > Sep 04: 72nd Venice Film Festival – “Black Mass” Premiere

As you might know, Johnny is in Venice promoting Black Mass. This morning he attended the Photocall and Press Conference for the movie. I have collected over 300 HQ images from it and added to the gallery. Take a look!

Gallery links:
Public Appearances > 2015 > Sep 04: 72nd Venice Film Festival – “Black Mass” Press Conference
Public Appearances > 2015 > Sep 04: 72nd Venice Film Festival – “Black Mass” Photocall

The current issue of Vanity Fair ITALY features Johnny on its cover. I’ve added to the gallery HQ scans from it. Enjoy!

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > Vanity Fair (Italy) – September 9

I’ve added scans of Sunday Style that has Johnny on cover. Enjoy!

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > Sunday Style (Australia) – August 30

Thanks a lot to my friend Annie we’ve got HQ scans from Ciak and Glamour Spain Magazines. Enjoy them in our gallery!

Gallery links:
Magazine Scans > 2015 > Ciak – September
Magazine Scans > 2015 > Glamour (Spain) – September

Hitherto, luxury French brand Christian Dior Parfums can only reveal that their new ambassador is amazing, extraordinary … and has never done anything like this before.

He just doesn’t need to.

“It’s very, very exciting for us,” whispers the PR representative in her husky Parisian accent, as she slides the envelope containing the big reveal across the table to my boss and me.

After signing legal confidentiality documents (and racking our brains for weeks – is it Tom Cruise? Surely not…), we read the name and smile.

It’s exciting, and about as cool as it gets: Johnny Depp.

He’s that rare Hollywood idol with an aura of mystery that transcends Teflon-coated Hollywood, where profit swamps artistic endeavour.

All the pillars of Depp’s appeal point the other way: his retro, bluesy aesthetic – all tatts, hats and jewellery – and soulful essence.

His self-imposed exile in France.