LONDON — The Zurich Film Festival has added several titles to its Gala Premieres lineup, including “Black Mass,” starring Johnny Depp, “Colonia,” starring Emma Watson, and “Walk in the Woods,” starring Robert Redford.

“Black Mass,” which is directed by Scott Cooper, is the true story of Whitey Bulger (Depp), a criminal who — with the help of the FBI — became one of the most powerful gangsters in the Boston underworld. It also stars Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Dakota Johnson.

The Zurich Film Festival runs Sept. 24-Oct. 4.


I have added the Mad Hatter teaser poster from Johnny’s upcoming project Alice Through the Looking Glass to our photo archive.

The official site for Johnny’s upcoming film Black Mass updated their official site with the release of the new TV Spot. You can view the site’s new look here. It includes a reel of video clips from the film in the background on a loop. Everyone here at JDN is extremely excited about the official site design and the film, what do you think? The release dates for the film are also on the official site now, you can view all of the worldwide release dates by clicking this link. I have updated our photo archive with additional stills as well as a behind the scenes image of Johnny and included the TV Spot below. As for songs in the recently posted trailers, the two used are Rick Ross – The Devil Is A Lie(heard in this trailer) and Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone (heard in this trailer).

I have updated our photo archive with images from the event as well as included a video and article below.

The audience at D23 Disney’s biennial fan expo was treated to a surprise appearance by none other than Capt. Jack Sparrow. Actor Johnny Depp took the stage at the Anaheim Convention Center Friday to be honored as a Disney Legend—the studio’s highest award, given to individuals who have contributed to the world of entertainment.

“So I don’t know why I’m here,” Depp joked.

Depp is slated to reprise his Mad Hatter role in Alice Through the Looking Glass, the forthcoming sequel to 2010’s $1 billion hit Alice in Wonderland, and he’s also working on a new installment in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean franchise due in theaters in 2017. During his speech, he broke into his Capt. Jack Sparrow voice after an audience member shouted out the word “parlay.” The actor took issue with the word “fan.”

“I never really liked that word, because it sort of implies that someone is above and someone is beneath in a weird way,” he said. “So I would say that you are in fact my ‘employer.’ Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to basically do stupid stuff for a living. For watching me.”

The actor was in good company Friday; the other 2015 Disney Legends inductees include Star Wars mastermind George Lucas, soap opera star Susan Lucci, and composer Danny Elfman, among others.

The Disney fan confab continues through Sunday. Source

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I have added new posters/artwork as well as an additional production still to our photo archive of Johnny in Black Mass (out September). You can view the albums by clicking on the gallery links below the thumbnails.