I have added to the gallery over 300 HQ pictures from the “Trascendence” Los Angeles Premiere that aired yesterday. Enjoy them in our gallery!!

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Public Appearances > 2014 > [April 10] “Trascendence” Los Angeles Premiere

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I have finally added HQ stills of Johnny at Jimmy Kimmel Live from two days ago. Enjoy them in our gallery!

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Performances > 2014 > Apr 07: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Johnny visited Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday as port of the promotion for Trascendence. Enjoy the three videos that Jimmy’s channel posted.

I’ve added HQ pictures from the press conference of Trascendence that took place in Beverly Hills this past 6 April. Enjoy them!

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Press Conferences and Photocalls > 2014 > [April 6] “Trascendence” Press Conference

Some clips from Johnny’s upcoming movie Trascendence.

There are those who meet their heroes and go, ‘Aw, fuck.’ and I’ve never had that, luckily. I was never disappointed by the people I’ve admired. – Johnny Depp

Even more than the other superstars of his generation (the Pitts, the Clooneys, the Cruises), Johnny Depp has built a personal mythos as complex and compelling as his career. In a sense, he’s managed to position himself as the beatnik troubadour of American cinema. After his early roles, as the cute boyfriend in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and the cute narc on the late-’80s cop show 21 Jump Street, Depp fought against his matinee-idol image. In his first headlining role, in John Waters’s cult greaser comedy Cry-Baby (1990), the actor sent up his own pinup status, playing a high school toughie with his tongue planted firmly in cheek. And, even as he became grist of young-Hollywood tabloid mill (dating the likes of actress Winona Ryder and model Kate Moss), there seemed to be another Depp hiding beyond the spotlight, an inquisitive artist who sought out his creative heroes, including Marlon Brando, the Beats, his good friend Hunter Thompson, and Thompson’s partner-in-crime, the artist Ralph Steadman (with whom Depp appears in this month’s For No Good Reason, a documentary about Steadman’s life and work).

With his star turn in Tim Burton’s eerie fantasy Edward Scissorhands (1990), Depp began putting together the menagerie of oddballs, outcasts, and misfits (Ed Wood [1994], Don Juan DeMarco [1995], Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow [1999], Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [1998]) that would define his reputation as Hollywood’s unpredictable master of disguise. And, for much of the past 15 years, those complicated sideshow characters of Depp’s have been the main attraction in a series of CGI circuses (as Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter in Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2005] and Alice in Wonderland [2010], respectively, and as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series).

Now, aged 50, Depp may be reinventing himself yet again. Escaping the makeup trailer in this month’s techno-fable Transcendence, the actor plays a present-day artificial intelligence researcher whose mind is incorporated into a computer system—his character, in other words, disappears into a network of his own design.

Or maybe Johnny is just the same old Johnny—the Johnny who, with his band the Kids had a dream come true by opening for Iggy Pop in the early ’80s. The actor and the musician then met again on the set of Cry-Baby and have been friends and collaborators ever since (Pop even scored the lone movie that Depp directed, the 1997 drama The Brave). Last February, Pop, who now lives in Florida, phoned Depp, who was at his home in Los Angeles, to talk about heroes, guitar solos, getting into character, and getting away from it all.

Read the whole interview over at interviewmagazine.com

After the “Late Show” host revealed he was hanging up his talk-show hat in 2015, Depp joked, “I was planning to announce my retirement,” before getting serious about his engagement to Amber Heard.

It was a night of important life-changing announcements on the Late Show when Johnny Depp joined David Letterman on Thursday.

After Letterman spent the beginning section of the CBS show making a lengthy revelation of his impending retirement, he began his interview with the actor in his normal manner, but Depp wanted to talk about the host’s big news.

“Apparently, you just announced you are retiring,” said the Transcendence star, who said he regretted wavering.
“It was only because I was planning to announce my retirement. Now that is ruined because no one cares,” he joked.
Letterman soon got back to business by talking about their respective kids, and the unusual sparkler on Depp’s wedding finger.

“I have a female engagement ring,” confessed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who was first spotted wearing the ring while in Beijing on Monday. “Yes … it was too big for my girl … Amber [Heard].
“She is wearing the other one,” explained the actor, whose two-day promotional trip to China earlier this week was a whirlwind of guitar playing, sculpting with artists and even some talk about his latest sci-fi thriller.
“The ring is too large for her, but it fits you perfectly,” commented Letterman.
“I think people are too scared to comment, ‘Why is a grown man wearing a woman’s engagement ring?'” joked Depp, about the unusual feminine jewelry that glittered on his left hand.
PHOTOS: Johnny Depp’s First Trip to China
Earlier on the Late Show, Letterman revealed that 2015 would be his final year. “Roughly, I have spent half my time behind this desk. More importantly, that means I spent half my time in makeup,” he told the audience. “You can’t but think about the passage of time; it is the way of life.”
After recounting a long story about fishing with his son and trying to identify a golden eagle, he said, “That’s when I thought, if you spend most of your day trying to ID birds, should you really be hosting a network television show?”