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I have updated the photo archive with 100+ images of Johnny attending the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival today (September 08, 2012). Those photos include the “West Of Memphis” Photo Call and Press Conference as well as portraits by Matt Carr and Jeff Vespa mostly in High Quality. You can also watch the “West Of […]

I have added a new page Animations to the multimedia section and created/added 12 animations to the page. I have also updated the Icon Archive with 25 animated icons (100×100). You can view the animations page here and the animated icons here or here. Enjoy.

I have updated the icon archive with 10 icons made/donated by Jenna from Christina Grimmie Inspired. Thank you so much to Jenna for donating such gorgeous icons. You can view them in the icon archive here or here.

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I have updated the icon archive with 100+ donated icons. Thanks to Annie, Chloe-Jane, Corses, Kristy610, Marii_20, OMG It’s Jump, The_404_Error, Trekkiepetrelli, and Thunderagram . If you would like to donate multimedia, articles, photos, etc please send them to You can view the donated icons here or here.

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I have created 230+ icons for the icon archive. You can view the additions here or here.

I have updated the icon archive with 30 icons donated by Chloe-Jane from Always-Miley.Org. Be sure to check them out here or here as well as her site here. I would like to thank Chloe-Jane for donating such wonderful media and helping JDN grow.

A huge thank you to JohnnyDepp-Italia.Com for the heads up on this. Captures and videos have been added to both the Photo Archive and the Video Archive for you to view and enjoy. Videos(from our youtube channel) as well as captures and articles are included below: This Pop Culture Rewind takes you back to a […]

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I have added 25 wonderful icons to the icon archive. They were donated by Deanna over at Feelin’ Alive Designs. You can view them here or here. Be sure to check out her site as well as the icons. I would also like to thank her for the wonderful donations as well as helping JDN […]

I have updated the icon archive with various donations from Kieran at JaredPadaleckiFan.Com, Ashley at JulianneAHough.Com, Amanda at JenniferLove-Hewitt.Org, and Isabella at AdoringKelsey.Com. Please take a moment to check out their sites and the icons as well. You can view all of the donated icons here or here I would like to thank the donators […]