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This Pop Culture Rewind takes you back to a clean-shaven Johnny Depp and a giggling Winona Ryder as a teenager.
The occasion was a press conference for Edward Scissorhands, in which Depp and Ryder both star in, over twenty years ago in 1990.
In this flashback we see the two, who were dating at the time and became engaged a few months later, giggling and whispering to each other before the press conference begins.
To add some perspective as to the quick evolution of technology, we hear Grit star Jeff Bridges say that he has never seen high-definition footage but is “anxious to see some of that.”
We also see Smash star Anjelica Huston, who shows off her self-effacing side when asked about a potential award nomination.
Check it all out in the video clip above.

As a man who is known to be cool, calm, and collected, you would probably never think of Johnny Depp as a crybaby, but in his early career he was labeled as such when he played the title character in the 1990 film Cry-Baby.
For this Pop Culture Rewind, we take you back to 1989, when Depp was being interviewed for the film and talked about his growing image as an American sex symbol.

When asked about his sex symbol status that he attracted on 21 Jump Street, Depp replies, “The sex symbol, teen idol stuff—that’s not my goal. I mean, if it happens in the interim, that’s fine. It’s, I’m glad people see me that way. I don’t really see myself that way.”
Although he didn’t see himself as a sex symbol, Depp admits that attracting attention comes with the territory of being an actor.

“Being recognizable is part of the territory. It just comes with it,” the then-28-year-old actor says. “When you’re an actor…you’re not doing it because you want to be anonymous…It’s just something you have to deal with…It’s part of your job.”
Depp also had some very carefully crafted critical words on 21 Jump Street, which launched his career, and referred to it as merely a job.

“In the first two seasons, I think there was a lot of good stuff going on…but I think that towards the third season it started to get a little showboat-y,” he says. “It started to become false.”

Johnny Depp is one of most successful and highest paid actors in Hollywood’s history, but not all of his films have been blockbusters, and his 1998 film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a box office failure.
This Pop Culture Rewind takes you back 14 years on this date when Depp was being interviewed about the film, which grew to become a cult film over the years.

The film was based upon a novel of the same name written in 1971 by Hunter S. Thompson, an author and journalist who was famous for his very involved style of journalism later termed as “Gonzo journalism.”
“I think that the book is as relevant now as it was then. It covers a lot of ground,” Depp said. “It’s a very complex book. It’s very deep. On the surface you could say it’s some kind of wild joyride about two guys hammered on drugs…but, in fact, it is about a person who wants to find the American Dream.”

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