Original in Portuguese:

Neste domingo, 24 de junho, Beto Marden desembarca nos Estados Unidos para entrevistar o astro Johnny Depp. No bate-papo, o ator vai contar as novidades de sua carreira e falar sobre o novo filme “Sombras da Noite”.
Beto também conversa com Michelle Pfeiffer e com o diretor Tim Burton.

DOMINGO LEGAL: Neste domingo, a partir das 11h

Translated to English:

This Sunday, June 24, Bob Marden arrives in the United States to interview the star Johnny Depp . In chat, the actor will tell the news of his career and talk about the new film “Dark Shadows”
LEGAL SUNDAY: On Sunday, at 11am.

This interview seems to be from the Dark Shadows Press Conference on April 29th of this year. The image has also been added to the photo archive, you can view it here or click any of the thumbnails below.

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