I have updated the gallery with 389 Screen Captures from Lady Blue-Season One: Episode 4 “Beasts Of Prey”, a project Johnny did back in 1985 as Lionel Viland, to the photo archive.

Katy Mahoney is a tough female homicide detective in Chicago who grew up in the shadow of her father Frank and her brother Jessie, both Chicago cops killed in the line of duty. After joining the force herself, Mahoney spent years enforcing the law fairly and was highly respected by her superiors, but after her married partner (and lover) was killed as well in the line of duty during a drug bust gone bad, Mahoney began using excessive force to fight crime. When a gun fight with crack dealers gets a civilian shot, Mahoney is transferred to the Matron Squad under Lt. Terry McNichols as a last chance to save her job. From the start Mahoney and McNichols butt heads over her attitude and continued use of excessive force to fight crime.

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